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Every kid 
deserves to play.

At Taking Strides Calgary, we empower their growth.

Calgary's Kids

Taking Strides is a student-run initiative that emphasizes refining and promoting physical literacy for children with mental and physical disabilities. Our inclusive program features 1-on-1 pairing with a passionate student volunteer that spends one day every week working on fine and gross locomotor movements with your child – including an emphasis on social interaction and development of sports skills.


Our Values

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Physical Literacy

Discover what physical literacy is, how it affects your child’s development, and why we are taking strides for children in our community.

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Accessible and Affordable

We aim to lessen the financial burden on our participants' families by minimizing the costs of our programs through community fundraising and involving wonderful student volunteers. As a non-profit organization, all of the proceeds from fundraising and registration fees are used to further enrich the program space and equipment.

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Powered by Students

We involve student volunteers from diverse educational backgrounds, including medicine, rehabilitation and disability studies, physical literacy, and even engineering! We select our volunteers based on their previous experience, training, and passion for helping the children in our communities.

Our team is recruiting execs & volunteers!

My son loved it so much - it was an awesome experience. Everyone was so nice, and everything was very interactive.

- A parent from our Adaptive Sports Session (2022)

Our Sponsors


Taking Strides is made possible by our amazing sponsors. If you're interested in joining them, contact us today. 

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